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Availability of Pumping System


   In compliance with latest regulation of XII/13.1 and IMO Resolution MSC 134(76), all bulk carriers must install Water INgress Alarm System in every cargo hold, any ballast tank and dry space forward of the collision bulkhead (volume exceed 0.1% of the ship'smaximum displacement volume), and Dewatering System for above mentioned spaces should be complied with regulation XII/13 Availability of pumping System those valves can be operated at location and navigation bridge or propulsion machinery control position, some electric actuators can be accepted, the enclosures of electrical equipments for the dewatering system installed in any of the froward dry space are to provide protection to IPX8 standard as defined in IEC Publication 60529. That means if ingress happened ,the Water Ingress Alarm System will give visible and audible alarms, the related valve of dewatering system can be operated from navigation bridge or propulsion machinery control position without traversing exposed freeboard or superstructure decks.

    Our product SUNDA-05 dewatering system Unit which is a combinationg assemble of electric and hydraulic, all electric & hydraulic actuators and junction boxes ingress protection reach at IP68, one emergency manual actuator is provided also. It is endurable and relable.

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